Suara is a totally unique independent art, music, culture, and educational Festival located in Nuanu, Tabanan, Bali. Which along with many other things celebrates the rich cultural heritage of our Balinese people.


Suara invites artists to be part of our space. Art can give places a new destination and meanings to build new paths for the good of the community.


Suara is setting up creative hubs to stimulate collaboration between art, culture, creative businesses, and social entrepreneurship.


Suara brings together locals and foreigners to connect and celebrate life together. Our 2022 version was a perfectly blended mix of Balinese, Indonesians, and foreigners.


Suara aims to create a space aiming to works for the community, with the community. Suara is family-friendly, attracts people from all walks of life, and has something for everyone. We are preparing a lot of entertainment for your children. Children under 18 are free.

Live the experience